Deception (2008)

Deception 2008

When you're in this world, no one is who they seem, and everyone is playing the game.
 Writers: Mark Bomback
 Story: Cat and mouse. Jonathan McQuarry is an auditor in Manhattan, moving from office to office checking their books. While working late, a smooth and well-dressed man named Wyatt Bose chats Jonathan up, offers him a joint, and soon they're pals. When their cell phones are accidentally swapped, Jonathan answers Wyatt's phone to a series of women asking if he's free tonight. Jonathan discovers it's a sex club: busy powerful people meet each other anonymously in hotels. Jonathan falls for one of the club members, whom he knows only as "S," whom he's also seen on a subway. When she goes missing, patterns emerge and Jonathan faces demands involving violence and lots of money.
 Awards: N/A
 Did you know: The match that Ewan McGregor's character sees is a real football match between two teams from Uruguay, which took place in 2006. The teams are called "Nacional" (white blue and red shirt) and "Peñarol" (black and yellow shirt).
 Studios: Seed Productions
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Release: 11 September 2008
Directed by: Marcel Langenegger
Countries: USA
Language: English
Genres: Crime,  Drama,  Mystery
MPAA Rating: R
IMDB Rating: 6.0/10
Metascore: 31/100
Runtime: 107min
Revenue: $17,741,298
Budget: $25,000,000
Hugh Jackman
as Wyatt Bose
Ewan McGregor
as Jonathan McQuarry
Bruce Altman
as Lawyer #1
Andrew Ginsburg
as Lawyer #2
Stephanie Roth Haberle
as Assistant Controller
Christine Kan
as Tennis Player #1
Dante Spinotti
as Herr Kleiner / Mr. Moretti
Karolina Muller
as Waitress
Agnete Oernsholt
as Woman at Waldorf Astoria
Melissa Rae Mahon
as Velvet Rope Dancer #1
Rachel Montez Collins
as Velvet Rope Dancer #2
Holly Cruikshank
as Velvet Rope Dancer #3
Deborah Yates
as Tango Dancer
Bill Camp
as Clancey Controller
Zoe Perry
as Secretary #1
Aya Cash
as Secretary #2
Frank Girardeau
as Norbert Lewman
Natasha Henstridge
as Simone Wilkinson
Charlotte Rampling
as Wall Street Belle
Paz de la Huerta
as List Member #1
Daisy Bates
as List Member #2
Shannan Click
as List Member #3
Malcolm Goodwin
as Cabbie
Jordan Tesfay
as List Member #4
Rachael Taylor
as List Member #5
Lisa Gay Hamilton
as Detective Russo
Maggie Q
as Tina at the Rhigha Royal
Director - Marcel Langenegger
Author - Mark Bomback
Rotten Tomatoes® Ratings and Review
Average rating: 3.9/10
Reviews counted: 96
Fresh: 13 | Rotten: 83
31% liked it
Average rating: 2.9/5
Reviews counted: 79,979

Review: Deception is a middling, predictable potboiler with mediocre dialogue and ludicrous plot twists.
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