Soleil rouge (1971)

Soleil rouge 1971
2 Desperados ... 1 Hellcat ... and a Samurai ... the greatest fighting force the West has ever known!
 Story: The Japanese ambassador is traveling through the Wild West by train, when gangsters hold up the train...
 Did you know: One of the Seven Samurai (Toshirô Mifune) and one of The Magnificent Seven (Charles Bronson) are in the movie.
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Release Date: 9 June 1972
Directed by: Terence Young  
Rating: 6.8
Countries: France  Italy  Spain  
Runtime: 112 minutes
Oscars: None
Charles Bronson
as Link Stuart
Ursula Andress
as Cristina
Toshirō Mifune
as Kuroda Jubie
Alain Delon
as Gauche
as Pepita
Barta Barri
as Paco (as Bart Barry)
Guido Lollobrigida
as Mace (as Lee Burton)
Gianni Medici
as Miguel (as John Hamilton)
Georges Lycan
as Sheriff Stone
Luc Merenda
as Chato
Tetsu Nakamura
as Japanese Ambassador (as Satoshi Nakamura)
Julio Peña
as Peppie
Director - Terence Young
Screenplay - Laird Koenig
Screenplay - Denne Bart Petitclerc
Screenplay - William Roberts
Screenplay - Lawrence Roman
Executive Producer - Robert Dorfmann
Producer - Ted Richmond
Original Music Composer - Maurice Jarre
Director of Photography - Henri Alekan
Editor - Johnny Dwyre
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Soleil rouge (1971)
Soleil rouge (1971)
Soleil rouge (1971)
Soleil rouge (1971)
Soleil rouge (1971)
Soleil rouge (1971)
Soleil rouge (1971)
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