Tasmanian Devils (2013)

Tasmanian Devils 2013

 Writers: Brook Durham
 Story: N/A
 Awards: 1 nomination.
 Did you know: This movie is not the first to feature the Tasmanian Devil as central character to a movie. A few years back, in 2006, a film called Cemetery Gates featuring an escaped lab Tasmanian Devil running amok in a National Park in Southern California was released. It is the only other Tassie Devil movie.
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Release: 1 February 2013
Directed by: Zach Lipovsky
Countries: Canada,  USA
Language: English
Genres: Fantasy,  Horror,  Sci-Fi
MPAA Rating: N/A
IMDB Rating: 3.6/10
Runtime: N/Amin
Danica McKellar
as Alex
Mike Dopud
as Anderson
Director - Zach Lipovsky
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Tasmanian Devils (2013)
Tasmanian Devils (2013)
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