I Jomfruens tegn (1973)

I Jomfruens tegn 1973
 Story: The impending approach of Venus - known to cause "disturbing erotic behavior" - sends two men with very different missions to the town of Petit-Bois. One to save the schoolgirls from lust, the other to test a new aphrodisiac. Chaos ensues.
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Release Date: 8 December 1977
Directed by: Finn Karlsson  
Rating: 5.1
Countries: Denmark  
Genres: Adult Comedy
Runtime: 92 minutes
Oscars: None
Ole Søltoft
as Armand
Bent Warburg
as Prof. Bomwitz
Mette Von Kohl
as Frk. Troelsen
Lone Helmer
as Gine, Madame
Benny Hansen
as Ginas mand
Anne Bie Warburg
as Geminette (Skolepige)
Lone Gersel
as Bordelpige
Leni Kjellander
as Skolepige
Doris Klemens
as Skolepige
Eva Lindberg
as Skolepige
as Skolepige
Ditte Maria
as Skolepige
Vivi Rau
as Skolepige
Bent Rohweder
as Lysten ung mand
Susan Skog
as Skolepige
Faith Thrue
as Skolepige
Director - Finn Karlsson
Writer - Finn Karlsson
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I Jomfruens tegn (1973)
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