Dark Relic (2010)

Dark Relic 2010

 Writers: Andy Briggs
 Story: The Holy Land, 1099AD. The end of the first Crusade. When the conflict began, Christian knight Sir Gregory lead over a hundred men, but now less than ten remain. They include his squire Paul, a friar named George, and the arrogant Sir Robert. George and Sir Gregory discover a holy relic - a fragment of the True Cross and embark on a journey to Rome, to present the relic to the Pope. En route the ship they charter runs aground, their crew dead. Continuing their journey overland, the knights come across three Turkish warriors (two swordsmen and a female archer) and two pilgrims (a woman named Rebecca and an unnamed man) being attacked by bandits. The knights rush to their aid, and after a brief fight all the bandits are killed. They insist on accompanying Sir Gregory and his men on their journey, and the pilgrims also join the group. That night, the male pilgrim and one of the knights both go missing. Many other unfortunate things begin to occur to the group and Sir Gregory realizes that dark forces are pursuing them, intent on destroying the relic. He must find a way to overcome these dark forces.
 Awards: N/A
 Did you know: The title of this movie was selected through a viewer contest sponsored by SyFy.
 Studios: Syfy
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Release: 27 March 2010
Directed by: Lorenzo Sena
Countries: USA
Language: English
Genres: Fantasy,  Horror,  Sci-Fi
MPAA Rating: N/A
IMDB Rating: 3.7/10
Runtime: 88min
James Frain
as Sir Gregory
Tom Basden
as Robert
Alyy Khan
as Hasan
Marija Karan
as Safa
Samuel West
as Friar George
Director - Lorenzo Senatore
Writer - Andy Briggs
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Dark Relic (2010)
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