Terror Train (1980)

Terror Train 1980
A nightmare journey to hell...
 Writers: T.Y. Drake
 Story: A college fraternity prank goes wrong and a student ends up in the mental asylum. Three years later, it's graduation time, and the members of the fraternity decide to have a costume party aboard a train trip to celebrate their graduation. Unknowingly to them, a killer has slipped aboard, killing them off one by one, disguised in the costumes of the victims.
 Did you know: The idea for Terror Train came from a dream that Daniel Grodnikhad. One weekend night after seeing the films Halloween and Silver Streak, Dan woke up and said to his wife, "What do you think about putting Halloween on a train? His wife answered, "That's terrible. He jotted down "Terrible Train" on a piece of paper on his nightstand. In the morning he changed the title to TERROR TRAIN, wrote up 22 pages, and made a deal on it with Sandy Howard's company at 3 in the afternoon.
 Studios: Astral Bellevue Pathé  Sandy Howard Productions  Triple T Productions  Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation  
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Release: 3 October 1980
Directed by: Roger Spottiswoode  
Countries: Canada  USA  
Genres: Horror Thriller
MPAA Rating: R
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10
Metascore: N/A/100
Runtime: 97 min
Oscars: None
Jamie Lee Curtis
as Alana Maxwell
Ben Johnson
as Carne
Hart Bochner
as Doc Manley
David Copperfield
as Ken the Magician
Director - Roger Spottiswoode
Screenplay - T.Y. Drake
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