Cliff De Young
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F/X - 1986
F/X (1986)
Murder! Special effects? This time it's for real!
 Action Crime Thriller
 Bryan Brown Brian Dennehy Diane Venora Cliff De Young
Reckless - 1984
Reckless (1984)
Girls like Tracy never tell their parents about guys like Rourke.
 Drama Romance Comedy
 Aidan Quinn Daryl Hannah Kenneth McMillan Cliff De Young
Dance 'Til Dawn - 1988
Dance 'Til Dawn (1988)
The kids had plans for a wild, all-night prom. But no one expected a party like this!
 Christina Applegate Tempestt Bledsoe Brian Bloom Cliff De Young
Fear - 1988
Fear (1988)
A family vacation takes a detour into terror.
 Cliff De Young Kay Lenz Zoe Trilling Scott Schwartz
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